Farewell Tease Salon

With a heavy heart, I am announcing the closing of Tease Salon as of August 30, 2018.

I’ll be moving to Lovemore & Do in the East Village starting September 10, 2018. Lacy will also be taking clients there part time. More info on the new salon and how to follow Lacy beneath this post.

I opened the doors of Tease Salon in November of 2005 with a vision of something more than just a hair salon- I envisioned a community. In the last 13 years every one of you that has walked through the doors has helped this vision come true. It turned into a safe place for creativity and conversation with no subjects off the table. The space did become much more than a salon, indeed.

It has at times doubled as a yoga studio, an after hours speakeasy, a witch coven, an arts and crafts area, a dance floor, and a general hang out for friends and family. All the while good hair. Always good hair.

Nestled above a busy Lower East Side Street it ultimately became the adult clubhouse of my childhood dreams.

I thank each and every one of you who was a part of this community. I truly could not have done it without you.


Lovemore & Do
428 E 9th Street
b/t 1st & Ave A

Lovemore & Do Salon is a female owned & operated business located on a thriving block in the East Village. The vibe is very similar to Tease, as are the hours and prices. Oh, and don’t worry, they have wine.

Be sure to follow Lacy @upsidedownhair on Instagram for updates about her New York schedule.